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In 1993, nationally, Sefton was one of the highest rated areas for
unemployment, crime, drug abuse and social depravation. By nature, young people growing up in this area were 'at risk' of affection by these

Recognising this, community police officers based at Marsh Lane Police Station set out to develop a scheme that would provide incentives for young people to raise their social aspirations and in doing so deter them from crime. There were initiatives for offenders, but nothing to encourage young people to stay out of trouble.

Since then, the scheme has gone from strength to strength. It is currently
touching the lives of around 90 young people from the area each year. From the humble beginnings of 'adventure training holidays' for young people who had never been in trouble with the police, the scheme has evolved into a structured three-year personal development programme.

Payes is now an internationally acclaimed model for youth
diversification and intervention. It was the subject of a six part BBC
documentary entitled `Kids and Cops` and has been evaluated by a number of universities to establish effectiveness and outcomes.

In policing terms (at the beginning of the PAYES journey) Merseyside Police was comprised of seven basic command units and Sefton was the largest of those units in geographical terms. A new policing model was introduced in 2017 and in terms of front-line policing (response and resolution) there are now 4 patrol hubs in the county. The scheme will continue to operate in the geographical area of Sefton.

In 2007, the then chief constable's aim was that Merseyside Police become the best performing force in the country. Merseyside Police moved closer to this goal by reducing crime by more than any other police force in England and Wales.
Sefton had reduced crime and disorder by more than any other basic command unit to become the best performing in the force.

It is our aim to continue to provide a quality scheme, which has
helped this to become possible.

Payes is registered with the Charity Commission, number 1074652.

The scheme is made possible by generous funding from a number of sources including charitable trusts, private individuals, local business and registered social landlords. Working with our partner, Brathay Trust, we must raise in excess of £55,000 per year for the organisation to touch the lives of around 90 young people who seek to benefit from taking part per year.

Some 24 years after the Police and Youth Encouragement Scheme was initially founded, we firmly believe that the validity and need for this charity is as great as ever.

The lessons learned by the young people and the skills that they develop and build on are not necessarily taught in schools. They are 'life skills', which can be invaluable in a young person's development:

"I was on a PAYES course last year and was climbing a mountain. I realised that if I didn't stop then I'd get to the top quicker. When I was in school, I was doing some work and I remembered what it was life on the mountain so I didn't stop and carried on. Once I do that, it gets done quicker. I have definitely enjoyed my time on PAYES. I've done all 3 levels and I still want to come back. I want to come back as a staff member when I'm 18 so I'll stay out of trouble with the police. I would recommend PAYES to anyone because of the skills it teaches you, things you may not learn at school”

(Level 3 delegate 2014)




Police and Youth Encouragement Scheme
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